11.09.1985 Saturday Night Live ”El Spectaculare De Marika” esitys (Take On Me)
13.07.1985 Live Aid, USA (Holiday, Into The Groove ja Love Makes The World Go Round)
13.07.1985 Live Aid, USA, The Thompson Twins feat Madonna & Nile Rodgers – Revolution
10.04.1985 – 11.6.1985 The Virgin Tour (USA, Kanada)
17.02.1985 Japanin TV nro 5 – Music Fair (Like A Virgin)
00.02.1985 Japanin TV nro 4 – Rock Tv (Like A Virgin)
00.02.1985 Japanin TV nro 3 – TV 4 Rock You (Like A Virgin)
00.02.1985 Japanin TV nro 2 – All Night Fuji TV  (Like A Virgin)
00.02.1985 Japanin TV nro 1 – Yoru No Hit Studio (Like A Virgin)



13.12.1984 Top Of The Pops BBC1, Englanti (Like A Virgin) ”Pink Wig Nro 2”
14.09.1984 MTV Video Music Awards, USA (Like A Virgin)
22.06.1984 Les Enfants Du Rock, Ranska (Holiday)
14.06.1984 Passeport pour le forme, TF1, Ranska (Holiday)
14.06.1984 Super Platine, Antenne 2, Ranska (Holiday)
00.06.1984 Embarquement immédiat, Ranska TV (Holiday)
16.05.1984 Keith Haring’s birthday party, Paradise Garage in New York (Dress You Up)
01.03.1984 Eurotops, Klons, ARD TV Show, Bremmen, Germany (Holiday)
01.03.1984 Formel Eins, Saksa (Holiday)
25.02.1984 Solid Gold, USA (Holiday) ”Pink Wig Nro 1”
19.02.1984 Hip Hop Tv, Ranska (Holiday)
13.02.1984 UK Dance Show, Channel 4 (Holiday, Borderline)
27.01.1984 The Tube, Hacienda Club in Manchester. (Burning Up, Holiday)
26.01.1984 Top Of The Pops, UK (Holiday)
14.01.1984 American Bandstand ABC, USA (Holiday)



04.12.1983 Madonna performs in Boston at ”Club Metro”(Physical Attraction, Lucky Star, Holiday, Burning Up)
25.10.1983 Discoring (music show broadcast by Rai 1), Italia (Holiday)
23.10.1983 Rai Uno Di Gei Live, Italia (Everybody ja Holiday)
15.10.1983 Madonna performs at Village Skating in New York
13.10.1983 Camden Palace’s Thursday Party Night, London, UK (Burning Up, Everybody, Holiday)
24.09.1983 Uncle Sam’s, Levittown Long Island, New York (Physical Attraction, Everybody, Holiday, Burning Up)
00.06.1983 Madonna performs at the Danceteria rooftop in New York City, USA
17.06.1983 Madonna performs at The Celebrity Club in Harlem (Holiday)
04.06.1983 Studio 54, Manhattan, New York (Holiday)
00.06.1983 Music Machine, London, UK (Holiday)
29.05.1983 Copa club, Fort Lauderdale, USA (Physical Attraction, Everybody, Burning Up)
13.05.1983 Track Date, FunHouse, New York City (Physical Attraction)
25.02.1983 MTV – Solid Gold, USA (Holiday)
26.01.1983 Red Parrot Club, New York City (Everybody)
00.01.1983 Roxy Nightclub, USA (Everybody ja Physical Attraction)
00.01.1983 Peppermint Lounge club, New York City, USA (Physical Attraction, Everybody)
00.01.1983 Dancin’ On Air (Dance Party), Philadelphia, USA (Everybody)
00.00.1983 Madonna performs at Danceteria in New York City