19.12.2005 Smap X Smap, Fuji TV, Japan (Hung Up)
07.12.2005  Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan (Hung Up, Get Together, I Love New York, Let It Will Be, Everybody)
19.11.2005 Lontoon G-A-Y Club, (Hung Up, Get Together, I Low New York, Let It Will Be, Everybody/Jump)
18.11.2005 BBC Charity TV Show – Children In Need, Englanti (Hung Up, Get Together)
15.11.2005 Koko Club, Lontoo (Hung Up, Get Together, I Low New York, Let It Will Be, Everybody)
12.11.2005 Parkinson, BBC, Englanti (Hung Up, Get Together)
11.11.2005 Star Academy, Ranska, Pariisi (Hung Up, Get Together)
05.11.2005 Wetten Dass TV-Show, Saksa (Hung Up)
03.11.2005 MTV European Music Awards, Portugali, Lissabon (Hung Up)
22.10.2005 The Roxy, New York City, US (Hung Up, I Love New York, Sorry)
02.07.2005 Live 8, Englanti (Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light, Music)
16.01.2005 Tsunami Aid: Concert Of Hope, Englanti (Imagine)



20.11.1998 Top Of The Pops, Englanti (The Power Of Good Bye)
18.11.1998 El Septimo De Caballeria, Espanja (Drowned World/Substitute For Love ja The Power Of Good Bye)
12.11.1998 MTV Europe Music Awards, Italia (The Power Of Good Bye)
11.11.1998 Luuk, Ruotsin TV (The Power Of Good Bye)
11.11.1998 Secrees Femmes, Ranska (Drowned World/Substitute For LoveThe Power Of Good Bye)
07.11.1998 Wetten Dass, Saksan TV (The Power Of Good Bye)
23.10.1998 VH1 Fashion Awards, USA (The Power Of Good Bye)
10.09.1998 MTV Video Music Awards, USA (Shanti Ashanti, Ray Of Light)
25.05.1998 Oprah Winfrey Show, USA (Ray Of Light ja Little Star)
27.04.1998 Rainforest Benefit, USA (Frozen) with East Harlem Violin Project
21.03.1998 Best M In The World, Japanin TV (Frozen)
16.03.1998 Rosie O’Donnell Show, USA (Frozen)
28.02.1998 Wetten Dass, Saksan TV (Frozen)
27.02.1998 Les Annees Tubes, Ranskan TV (Frozen)
26.02.1998 Telecino, Espanjan TV (Frozen)
21.02.1998 National Lottery, Englanti (Frozen)
24.02.1998 San Remo Festival, Italia (Frozen)
14.02.1998 The Roxy Club, New York. (Sky Fits Heaven, Shanti Ashtangi, Ray Of Light) William Orbit playing keyboards.